Now You Can Have A More Elegant Bathroom by Refinishing Without a Major Remodeling Effort & Expense.

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Before and after tub refinishing.

Dated – Worn Out – Damaged Tub & Tile Transformed Overnight!

How You Can Get Fast, Affordable & Effective Solutions to Impossible to Clean
Worn-Out – Dated – Damaged Bathtubs
by Refinishing.

Here You’ll Find Services On

1. Bathtub Repair Refinishing
2. Clawfoot Tub Restorations
3. Tub Drain Replacement
4. Tub Rust Damage Repair
5. Bathtub & Tile Chip Repair
6. Bathroom Refinishing Resourses
7. Choosing a Refinisher
8. The Process & Preparations List

Bathtub refinishing

What’s the Problem with Your Bathtub? Enamel and Porcelain Surfaces can become worn down or damaged over time from:

  • Dripping Faucets
  • Water erosion
  • Hard water
  • Harsh cleaners
  • Abrasive Cleaners
  • Drain Clearing Acids
  • Accidents & Misuse
  • Lost its Shine, Dull?
  • Difficult to Clean?
  • Stains after Use?
  • Chips and Scrapes?
  • Starting to Rust?
  • Has a Hole in it?
  • Water under a Bathtub Liner?
  • Seriously Outdated Color?

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Coating Technology today has Advanced to Amazing Levels, Offering Quality and Durable Coatings for Bathtub & Tile Repair

  • Prevents Moisture Penetration
  • Advanced Adhesion
  • Superior Gloss Retention
  • Excellent Scratch Resistance
  • Improved Chemical Resistance
Completed bathtub refinishing.

Beautifully Refinished Tub.

So you may be asking… Is Bath Tub Repair or Reglazing right for You? I generally recommend that if you’re replacing the tile surround due to water damage, and you’re thinking of a new floor, it’s a good time to put in a new Bathtub. At that stage in remodeling the Economical reasons to do Bathtub Repair Refinishing are not as strong.

The exceptions to this are:

  • You have a really nice Cast Iron Bathtub you want to save.
  • The cost of Demolition and Disposal.
  • You wish to Remodel Responsibly and Recycle your Bathtub and or Tile?

In This Video You’ll Quickly Discover Just How Shady The Bathtub Refinishing Industry Is.
Watch this video


See The Undisputed Proof In This Short Video. Here You’ll See The Results That You’ll Get When Choosing The TubPotion Process & Coatings.


Bathtub Refinishing Performance – Adhesion – Aesthetics.

How to get the best performance, adhesion and aesthetics when refinishing your bathtub or tile.

Should you have your bathtub etched or not, when refinishing?

Why Would Miracle Method Tub Refinishing Franchise and Other Refinishers Use Misleading Out Right Lies & Tactics to Confuse Consumers About Using Hydrofluoric HF Acid Etching Bathtubs?

Why would we go to the trouble, expense and training if HF Acid did not provide a benefit to you?

Bath Tub & Tile Repair / Reglazing Saves the Cost of Demolition and Disposal of your Bathtub, Bathroom walls and plumbing as well as the cost of hiring a carpenter, plumber, tile setter and permits. Not to mention the construction mess and lengthy time frame to be completed.

You may have a Clawfoot Bathtub.
There are the many color combinations possible on a Clawfoot Bathtub between the:

  • Inside
  • Outside
  • The feet
  • As well as, two toned
  • Corporate logos
  • Even your favorite sports team can be worked into the coating. We do this by applying a clear urethane coating over the graphics and art work.

“We really enjoy these!”

Before Clawfoot Tub Refinishng

Before: Old damaged worn-out clawfoot.

Sent out for sand blasting to remove rust.

Sent out for sand blasting to remove rust.

Body smoothed out and primed.

Body smoothed out and primed.

Color applied and graphics laid out.

Color applied and graphics laid out.

Second Team color added.

Second Team color added.

Competed the out-side of the clawfoot tub refinishing.

Competed the out-side of the clawfoot tub refinishing.

Prepping the inside using diamond sanders to smooth out the rough spots.

Prepping the inside using diamond sanders to smooth out the rough spots.

Inside clawfoot tub primed and ready for final sanding.

Inside primed and ready for final sanding.

Clawfoot refinishing applying white primer.

Applying white primer.

Clawfoot tub refinishing after.

Clawfoot tub refinishing after.

Clawfoot feet done in team colors.

Clawfoot feet done in team colors.

Competed clawfoot tub refinishing in Redskins theme.

Competed clawfoot tub refinishing in Redskins theme.

Basic Clawfoot Refinishing can be done at your home or for complete restorations at our shop.

 Where the tub can be properly prepared by sandblasting the old finish off, smoothing out the rough casting texture on the outside. Then applying high build polyester primers and sanding to a smooth and beautiful foundation.

Then applying our Polyester-Polyurethane protective top coats for the look and feel of real porcelain.

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An Important Step During…

Porcelain Bathtub Repair / Reglazing is, Surface Preparations: The main cause of Reglazing failure is inadequate Surface Preparations. It’s also the Easiest to Cheat on. All the steps I have listed at the bottom of this page must be done for a quality job. Be sure the company you hire adheres to their Published Preparations List. They have one don’t they? If not, ask them to verbally list them and compare. They should have a standard by which they work by.

See Ours

The First Secret to a Long Lasting Refinishing Job is the Preparation and the Reason why I Recommend Drain Removal when…

Getting your Bathtub Reglazed. It’s the perfect time. An old Drain will really stand out against a Reglazed tub.

Should you try and replace it after Reglazing, more then likely the Reglazing will be damaged by the tools if it difficult to remove?

Plus any seal by the coating will be broken.

Plus you will Extend the Life of your Reglazing considerably. Click here for the full story of why I consider this so Important and Why so few companies mention it, and How It Benefits You.

Bathtub drain needs replaced.

A old worn-out drain will look awful in your refinished tub?

New bathtub drain installed.

Re-installed the next day triple plated Watco drain.

You May Also Be Interested in…
Knowing what can be done for your Fiberglass or Acrylic Bathtub or Shower Pan Repair.
And what we can do for Bathtub’s that have Cracked or have a Hole. Click Here for Acrylic or Fiberglass Bathtub & Shower Pan Repair Refinishing

Ceramic Tile or Acrylic Surround Reglazing can be Coated as well. A few things you should know…Click Here for Ceramic, Acrylic Fiberglass Surround Refinishing

Rust Damage Can Occur on…

Steel Enamel Tubs that have had a slow leak around the Overflow or Drain area can literally rust thru the Tubs Surface.

Cast Iron Bathtubs can erode, from water drips and rust at the drain area.

These are easily repairable using new metal and fiberglass. If not properly treated, the Rust under your drain will return in time.

Rust hole damage overflow or drain repairs.

Rust hole damage overflow or drain repairs.

Completed tub rust repair.

Completed tub rust repair.

Perhaps Your Tub Is In Great Shape and Only Needs…

A Chip Repair, The Key to a great Chip Repair is in the color match. equally important is how the chip is filled to match the fixtures contours. We can provide expert chip repair that’s 99% invisible. For long term performance it’s best to do the whole fixture.

Before: tub chipped up.

Before: tub chipped up.

After: Color matched and completed bathtub chip repair.

After: Color matched and completed bathtub chip repair.

Most Home Accidents Occur in the…

Bathroom, applying a Non slip Textured Coating to your Bathtubs Bottom will assist in giving you some traction. It is built in to our Coating during the Reglazing Process. Easy to Clean, Feels nice under foot and not too sharp on the backside while bathing and blends in beautifully.

Bathtub anti-slip treatment without using sharp grit.

Anti-slip treatment without using sharp grit.

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Would You Like An Idea Of What Bathtub Repair / Reglazing will Cost? What’s included and what options you have? Follow this Link Bathtub Refinishing Pricing Options.

Home Improvement Online Sites, all recommend Bathtub Reglazing when done by a Professional,,191221,00.html

You’re Probably Going To Want To Know…

How to Clean & Maintain Your Reglazed Bathtub. Caring for your Refinished Tub is really easy; I’ll go over everything you may want to know.
Follow this Link for Care and Maintenance.

And That’s Not All…

Our Current Residential Stimulus Package Incentive OFFER includes: Free Re-caulking and Non-Slip Bottom included at no additional charge. Call or E-mail before we end this special.

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How to Choose a Refinisher. You simply must inform yourself, to avoid the pitfalls of Refinishing your Bathtub, Tiles or Bathtub Liners.


Bathtub Refinishing companies fail at a rate equal to restaurants

The Question’s You Should Be asking to find the Best Bathtub Refinisher

What is the coating being applied to your Bathtub or Tile Refinishing? Ask for a copy of their coatings Material Safety Data Sheet. If they are using quality Material, they won’t mind showing you.

Do they publish their Preparation’s Procedure List? Preparations being the most important factor for Reglazing coating adhesion. They should have a standard by which their employee’s go by.
See Ours at the bottom of this Page.

What is the skill level of the Technician for your job? Just because someone’s been Reglazing Bathtubs for years, doesn’t help if they have been doing it wrong for those years. To be the Best, they should have a training program for their technicians and they should have a quality control program in place.

What exactly is their guarantee? I often see the guarantee written for Bathtub Refinishing so the Company can easily back out of it. It should be simple and clear.

Then check to see how long they have been with the Better Business Bureau and their rating. It’s a good indicator of the company’s response to make the customer happy.
Click here for our BBB report

Do they discuss the option of Drain removal or tell you why it makes for the Best Refinishing job? Hardly any do, Read why I recommend Drain Removal for Bathtub Refinishing
Drain removal Page

Are they properly Insured and Licensed?

Fly by nighters will not be. Also it’s a good sign if they are licensed through their states Home Improvement Commission. It is not necessary in our line of work but it is an extra step I take, which gives you certain guarantees.

Or follow this link to search a Maryland Company:

Our First and last business license. 1990 to 2014

Our First and last business license.

What to look for in a certificate of insurance.

What to look for in a certificate of insurance.

 We will be here for our Guarantee…Yes

Are they Insured, if in doubt ask them to have their Insurance carrier email a copy of their Certificate of Insurance. I see many company’s advertising Insured and Bonded. I’ll be willing to bet they are not bonded. Ask for a copy of their Declaration page from their policy. If they are deceiving you on this what else are they lying about?

A person’s past is a good indicator of their future. I run a full Criminal background check on all employees, and in all my years have never had a complaint.

But this is only a starting point to find the Best Refinishing Contractor, once you have narrowed it down go thorough the information below to further your investigation. You will be more successful in finding a, reputable service provider whether you choose Porcelain Tub Restorations or not.

The quickest way to whittle down your many choices is to Google the service’s that you’re considering getting done and the name of the company and or franchise. Let other unsatisfied folks do your work for you, and boy do they. Since you’re here for Bathtubs, let’s do some examples on that.

Search Keywords for services: bathtub liner complaint / bath tub liner complaint / bathtub reglazing complaint / bathtub refinishing complaint / bathtub resurfacing complaint

Search Keywords for business: Name of company complaint, scam, ripoff / Name of franchise complaints, scam, ripoff

You will receive a wealth of information that will point you in the right direction and keep you from getting scammed.

Next check out their base of operation, do they work out of the back of their car? Or do they have an investment in a brick and mortar facility? Ask to see some samples of their Refinishing work and is that the quality your job will receive. Basically if you find misleading or dishonest information in their advertising or there is a lack of transparency, you should look else where.

Go to the local government licensing or the state they are in and see if they actually have their trade name registered or ask to see their first Business license. Many exaggerate their experience or use their Franchise’s length in business.

Or follow this link to search for a Company’s name in Maryland:

Warning: Are You Going To Get Taken?

Sub Contractors (Scam)

If the company your thinking of using doesn’t show a physical address and a local phone number in your locale or the technician and the truck/car that shows up does not have a uniformed technician or truck lettering of the company you called. Beware it’s probably a sub contractor, why this could be bad!

First Scenario: you do an internet search for “bathtub refinishing (your state or city)” or other combinations of key words. Companies pop up. Some are real, some are not!

Here is what’s happening. They put up a web site, pretty and all, when they get a call (800) number only or e-mail them (so you don’t know their location). They quote your price and sell the job.

Problem is; they don’t do the work, they have other companies in the area you are in, sub contract for them. They are not interested in your satisfaction; they are interested in the referral kickback fee they receive.

They don’t check out the companies they use, have no control over what they use or how they do it. They use any company willing to pay the fee. They do this all over the country collecting fees.

You are not getting what you think you are and you are getting what ever the sub contractor who was willing to pay the fee, using what ever method and materials they choose. You may get a good job but more then likely you will not.

So you’ll pay too much for a potential sub standard company willing to do it for less, cutting corners or cheap help, who probably won’t be in business long. There is a very aggressive one doing this, site is mostly well done a tad cheesy, all family business oriented looking, and locations all over the country, testimonials are contrived. They are simply a middle man inserting themselves into the mix for a profit without any controls for a quality job. The complaints are all over the net.

Just a few of the many 155406.htm

These steps alone should qualify or disqualify many of your choices.

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The Frist Secret to Successful Bathtub and Tile Refinishing is the Preparations

Porcelain Tub Restorations Proper Procedures for Porcelain / Enamel / Fiberglass Acrylic Fixtures Aliphatic Acrylic Polyurethane Coating Application Our Technicians Will Follow

  1. Often you will already have a price quote for basic service. When the technician arrives they should go over the job so nothing is missed and every ones expectations are in alignment. Discuss the charges and the possibility of hidden damage under a bath tub liner, or previous refinishing. These will not become apparent till the liner is removed or the old reglazing is stripped off. Should there be hidden damage rare but happens, we will not proceed without your approval.
  2. Customer should sign an Authorization Form describing the service they wish and understand their guarantee.
  3. Put drop cloths down for equipment to be placed on and set up work area. Compressors, Ventilators, Prep tools and materials.
  4. Remove caulking, non slip strips, and necessary hardware from fixture that will be refinished i.e. overflow plates, drains, escution plates, cabinet etc. Silicone caulking is especially difficult to remove completely, if not, nothing will adhere to it.
  5. If previously reglazed before and requires stripping. Technician will protect area’s that can be damaged by Methyl ethyl Chloride (paint stripper) Ventilation should be set up, respirator used to protect technician working directly over it. If ventilation is poor the use of your fresh air system must be used. Old reglazing is removed down to the original surface.
    1. Fiberglass / Do Not Strip Fiberglass as the gel coat will be damaged. Sand only to remove old reglazing.
  6. Area to be refinished is thoroughly scrubbed down with red scuff pad and degreaser. The surface must be free of any contamination, i.e. soap, body oil, rust, hard water deposit and old reglazing.
  7. Next and very important is the non porous nature of bathroom fixtures, the surface must be chemically etched. No matter how strong a grip a product has, it should also have a mechanical bond to grip to. Apply masking to surrounding area and using protective gear. Place etching bucket in tub, add appropriate amount of diluted etch into bucket. Rinse, etch container and place back into storage. Apply etch slowly to the fixtures surface and work in with your applicator till a drag resistance is felt.
    1. Fiberglass / Skip this step do not use acid, only thorough sanding is require
  8. Rinse applicator and bucket. Fill bucket with water and carefully rinse the tub, use paper towels to lightly rinse the outside portions, repeat several times. Avoid spattering, spills or drips outside the tub. Should it happen, wipe up immediately and use water to neutralize, should you have contact with your clothing, remove and rinse skin contact area with cool water. Get medical attention if needed.
    1. Fiberglass / Skip this step, etching is done by sanding using 180 grit and scuff pad
  9. While in protective gear, using pumice, water and red scuff pad. Thoroughly scrub entire surface down to completely neutralize any remaining etch and to remove all dusting of loose porcelain remaining from the surface.
    1. Fiberglass / Skip this step
  10. Use dual action finishing sander with # 70 diamond pad using sponge to keep area wet, work out any scratches, rust and small defects in the fixture’s surface.
    1. Fiberglass / Use dual action finishing sander with 180 grit PSA sandpaper, work out any scratches and small defects in the fixture’s surface.
  11. Wipe fixture down with absorbent towel and ring out water. Complete the drying with paper towels. Check for any shiny areas that did not receive etch and repeat if necessary.
  12. Once dry apply marine grade filler and activator or fiberglass gel (do not use Bondo) to chipped or damaged areas.
  13. While waiting for filler to cure, start masking the room to prepare for the sanding and spraying operations. Using drop cloths and automotive grade masking paper cover and protect bathroom. Use latex glove over faucets to collect any drips.
  14. Using dual action sander and hand blocking, sand all repairs to there original contours using combination of 80 grit, then 180 grit and finally red scuff pad. Sand off any old reglazing remaining and any loose dusting still on fixtures surface.
  15. Sweep up sanding dust or for larger sanding jobs use small vacuum. With door sheeting, ventilator and filters in place. Blow out room with compressor, every nook crack and cranny, allow ventilator to clear the room, and then with eyes closed blow the dust off yourself.
  16. Double check that all is secure, masking in place, repairs completed and that all is ready.
  17. Aliphatic Urethane/ Prepare and mix your primer coat, strain into HVLP spray gun.
  18. Suit up in clean spray suite, spray sock, gloves, and respirator. Give the fixture a final solvent wipe down. Then a with a clean tack cloth pass over the fixture starting from the top, tack the surface for any trace dust, granules etc…
  19. Apply Silane Coupling Agent Primer as an adhesion promoter.
  20. Apply non-skid Textured if requested to bathtub bottom.
  21. Apply a full wet coat of Polyester Bonding primer to fixture. Clean Spray gun.
  22. Apply our Hybrid Aliphatic Polyester Urethane top color coat. Apply top color coat medium wet coat and allow to flash. Re-apply 2nd coat with full wet coat to flow out. Approximate total build should be 2 to 3.5 mills, allow to flash.
  23. Any imperfections will require a return trip to repair once material has cured
  24. Once material is set approximately 30 minutes re-caulk around perimeter. Hardware will need to be reassembled the next day.
  25. Remove all equipment and materials, drop cloths etc. and clean work area and all equipment. Double check all is complete for customer inspection.
  26. Upon approval of customer satisfaction. Have work order signed as complete and receive payment.

May be used the following morning.


New Technology has recently been added to our preparation using advance adhesion promoters available at

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