Refinishing Your Tile Can Aesthetically Enhance Your Bathroom for a Considerable Savings vs. Replacement.

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How to Have a New Looking Bathroom for Less and done in One Day!

For Ceramic Tile Reglazing we can re coat your entire ceramic wall or leave the boarder or accent tile color intact and re coat the remainder for a really super look.

Same is true for your soap dish; we can leave the original color or change it with the tile color.

Ceramic Tile Refinishing

You Can Get A Brand New Look Overnight!

Before and after tub refinishing.

Dated – Worn Out – Damaged Tub & Tile Transformed – Walls Done In Multi-Stone.

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The importance of proper preparations and quality coatings for ceramic tile and fiberglass Reglazing cannot be stressed enough.

Every week we go out and chemically strip and remove a ceramic tile reglazing job gone bad, done with unprepared walls and cheap coatings. We often see latex gloss paint being used. Totally Unsatisfactory.

It amazes me what some companies and fly by nighters try to get away with. Print our preparations page and be armed with good solid information on proper preparations.

Chemically Stripping Low  Quality Refinishing.

Chemically Stripping Low
Quality Refinishing.

Ask questions about their coatings, there’s no reason to hide your material if you’re using quality coatings. Ask for a copy of their MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) should you be concerned. It will tell you the family of coatings being used. See about our coatings at TubPotion Coatings at

To be a good candidate for Refinishing, the wall should be in sound shape, meaning no soggy wet walls where the backer board is. (Tip) By tapping on the wall at different locations with wooden spoon handle or the handle of a screw driver, you can hear if the wall is solid.

Should you find you have a soggy area and tiles may be loose or falling from the wall, we can remove a section of tile and backer board, and replace the damaged backer board re tile the area and if need be, reglaze the entire surround. Usually in just one day.

Section of wet wall damage being replaced.

Section of wet wall damage being replaced.

We can get your walls sound again by replacing a damage wall board section as you see in these photos.

We can re tile the area with any color tile of the correct size dimension. Often the original tiles are no longer available and if they are, there is usually a color variation between batches. Once the tiles are set in place, they are re-grouted.

After the tiles or fiberglass surround are properly cleaned and prepped any grout lines present are raked with a wire brush to remove any loose grout or soap film residue. Should the grout be in really good shape, we will spot grout any areas that need addressing.

Regrouting Tile

Tile getting new grout before refinishing.

Should the grout be in poor condition or missing bits and pieces all over, it’s best for you to have us score out your old grout and completely re-grout before Refinishing giving it a very nice full look to the finished job. Re-grouting is charged an hourly rate for time and material, see our Pricing Page.

Then we can perform our Reglazing on your ceramic tile to make it all one color. By Reglazing your ceramic tile it’s sealed, preventing future moisture problems.

That brings me to the Pro’s and Con’s of Reglazing over the grout vs. removing grout and Reglazing and then re-grouting.

By Reglazing over the grout your surround is completely sealed, against water penetration and soiling of your grout from soap and mold, giving your surround a more modern look.

The Con is you loose the contrast between the tile and grout. Should you like to keep a more traditional look, we can score out the grout deeper using a Dremel type tool, Reglaze your surround and then completely re-grouting the entire surround.

Removing the grout completely is more labor intensive in time and depending on the size of the tile and its pattern, meaning whether the tile is 1” x 1” or 4’ x 4” or 12”x 12”. There are a lot more grout lines in a 1×1 tile job then the 12×12.

As for the pattern, I’m talking about the tile being stacked up on top of each other with straight grout lines or they may be offset overlapping each other. The latter being much more time consuming.

So Reglazing over the grout is definitely the budget way to go. The Savings are Tremendous vs. Demolition and replacement or bathtub liners. Giving you the look and feel of your original bath, new and beautiful looking.

Why spend money you don’t need to!
Or the week or two downtime. Enjoy your Refinished Bathroom in One Day not weeks. Recycle your Bathtub and Tile

  • No down time
  • No demolition mess
  • No disposal fees
  • Not adding to our landfills
  • No new tile or labor cost to replace your tile
  • Just one contractor for your bathroom renovation

You may require some Bathtub tile repair before reglazing ceramic tile surrounds.

Perhaps you only have small localized damage. In this case a towel bar with ceramic holders got pulled out, damaging the tiles adjacent to it.

We replaced a few tiles and repaired the ones next to it with marine grade fillers.

Fixing loose or broken tile

Ceramic Tile Repair

Here we have a settling crack down the wall from the window to the Bathtub. This can be repaired too, by opening up the crack into a V shape. Filler is applied and then sanded to conform to the shape of your tile and grout lines.

Once Reglazed the crack will no longer be visible. We can leave your colored edging tile or soap dish the same color to keep the original scheme or re-color all of it, giving you a more modern look.

Cracked Ceramic Tile.

Ceramic tile cracked.

No matter if the walls have a large crack running down them from the house settling. Or if some tiles are loose or damaged. A repair can be done, not only cosmetically but also it will be completely sealed by reglazing preventing a repeat of any moisture problems. Reglazing may be the right solution for you.

Bathtub Ceramic Tile Repair and Reglazing is the most economical and environmental solution to ceramic tile repair.

We often need e-mail photos or need to see the project for pricing. Costs are determined by extent of damage. For real savings, Reglazing is a great option for Bathtub Ceramic Tile Repair.

Reglazing ceramic tile.

Reglazing ceramic tile.

Multi-Stone Adds Demension & Beauty To Any Bathroom Project.

Multi-stone color chart.

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