4 Pitfalls You Need to Avoid When Considering a Bathtub Liner and or Wall Surround System So You Can Get The Beautiful Bathroom You’ve Been Dreaming Of, That Actually Works

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After an injury where I took a nasty fall, my insurance adjuster Katie; came by to review my progress. Seeing our products, the conversation soon turned to her recent experience with trying to update her tired old bathroom where she had a bathtub liner and wall surround installed, she was furious that after just 3 months the liner got water trapped underneath the bathtub liner and the company she chose would not respond to her complaints.

Katie’s not alone, over the last 2.5 decades we’ve removed 1000’s of failed liners yearly and generally the problems we keep seeing are:

# 1: The use of cheap PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) or flimsy thin Acrylic liners installed.

#2: Poorly fitted liners that are gunk up on the underside with butyl tape in an attempt to keep the liner down, these fail all to often with stagnant water getting underneath them, making the tub liner feel like a waterbed and creating a stench of putrid water. Eventually the liner completely fails and catastrophically splits.

# 3: Liner company’s pushing the installation of a tub liner with a wall surround system, weather you need that service or not. This is how they cope with the water issues getting underneath the liner, which rarely works and adds considerably to the cost.

# 4: Working with a commissioned based salesmen whose only goal is to pad his pocket with high-pressure tactics and outrageous pricing.

Pull out failed liner.

Improper installation methods and poor fitted liners will fail.

Improper installation caused this liner to fail.

Improper installation caused this liner to fail.

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When considering a liner and or wall surround system it’s imperative that you choose a service provider who uses only high impact, scratch resistant 0.25 (1/4 inch) Virgin Acrylic for bathtub liners and 0.125 (1/8 inch) for Wall Surrounds.

This provides the proper support and strength needed for a sound installation and long service life.

Trimming liner for installation

High Quality BCI Tub Liners & Surrounds Thickest On The Market

The second recommendation is the use of our proprietary urethane paste adhesive vs. butyl tape that is applied along the liner’s perimeter and entire bottom which makes the installation not only water proof but rock solid connection to your existing tub being covered.

This eliminates the flexing, which causes the liner to fail.

Our bathtub liner installation method guarantees success.

Once cured overnight liner will not flex causing failure.

Along with our current selection of 137 tub molds & Inter-active Computor data base, guarantee’s we’ll be able to provide you with a liner that properly fits your current bathtub, which is extremely critical for lasting results.

We’re happy to install just a tub liner. You’ll never feel pressured into installing a wall surround unless you are truly looking for that service as well. Our Estimators are salaried based and are there to help guide you and educate you to the best possible solution and the best possible price.

Largest selection of liner molds.

With over 200 molds for a truly perfect fit.

Want to See Your New Bath Before You Buy?… Now You Can… With Our Inter-Active Build Your Bathroom Software.

If you’re like me you’ll enjoy working with a non-commissioned representative in a low pressure environment.

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Bathtub liner wall surround.
Shower system installed.

I Could See and Feel the Difference in Your Product & Installation Immediately

I so wished I had understood the difference between liner products and the installation process. I really hate getting ripped off and having to pay twice. I’m so sorry for your injury but I’m super happy to have found you Paul. Your company was incredible to work with from your phone support to working with your estimator and installer, thank you so much!

I could see and feel the difference in your product immediately, stepping into my new liner & surround feels so much more solid. The glossy finish is beautiful and so easy to keep clean and after 2 years my Brand New Bathroom still looks like a Million Bucks.

I was really scared to go thru this again. But your Life Time Guarantee against water getting under my liner sold me to try again. I really hate dealing with home improvement contractors; you all restored my faith that there are still conscientious contractors in the world. I wished I had done my homework to avoid the problem I had, shopping by price.

Sincerely, Katie Newman, Baltimore Md.

In This Video You’ll Understand How…

Poorly fitted liners with Butyl Tape applied will flex when you stand on the liner your weight will work at the caulk seem, pulling on the liner and  separates enough to allow water to get in.

This makes the liner feel squishy, if not corrected will cause the liner to split from hydrostatic pressure. The water stagnates and mold forms making it smell bad and very UN-hygienic.

Avoid A Failed Bathtub Liner Installation Video.

Avoid Installation Problems Or Your Bathtub Liner Will Fail! These Untold Installation Tips Will Keep Water From Getting Underneath Your Tub Liner Causing It To float!

With a proper fitting Liner installed and our proprietary installation process prevents this from happening.

We 100% Guarantee Your Liner Not To Float.


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